Level Control & CO2 Monitoring

Traditional tank dipping is unreliable, error prone and highly inefficient. At Tank-ed we set out to reduce the amount of time cellar hands spend on tanks and improve accuracy which returns a significant cost reduction to the winery in productivity, accounting & reduced occupational health and safety costs.  Gas and manual dry icing can also be labour intensive and costly, our system provides real time CO2 readings and that means your only adding dry ice or gas when its needed. We also set out to deliver a system that could return accurate data under the highly variable conditions inside of a wine tank, the end result is a device and application that can deliver significant cost reductions and a superior end product. We think its an easy choice, when you need tank data then reach for the nearest iPhone or log in from your desktop.

  • Secure Cloud Based Tank Measuring Software
  • Measure tanks from any mobile or desktop device in real time
  • Schedule Dips
  • Secure encrypted data transfer via wifi
  • Accurate through any atmospheric conditions & surface foam
  • Tested to 20m depth
  • Easy installation can be retro fitted to any hatch (side mounting optional)
  • CO2 Measurement & Reporting (Oxygen sensing optional)
  • Hatch Status Open / Closed Reporting
  • Calculates tank volumes instantly (upload dip chart as CSV)
  • Repeatable accuracy <3mm
  • Robust design
  • Low maintenance
  • Integration options
  • Subscription / Lease / Outright Purchase Options



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